Friday, November 19, 2010

Le Petit Puppy store Review: LIARS!

My dear friends Candy and Josh were in New York saying goodbye to Candy's mother who passed away. She was in mourning and deeply saddened by the loss of her mother.

They went into a pet store called Le Petit Puppy. For the first time in weeks, Candy smiled when she held an adorable puppy she named Moxie. The pet store knew about the death of Candy's mother, and was tugging on her heart strings & talking about what good therapy a puppy is, how ethical the breeders are they get their dogs from). They definitely saw them coming! They knew they were vulnerable (Candy told them she had seen the Oprah expose on puppy mills & was whole-heartedly against them.) They pumped them w/lies & took advantage of their trusting nature & ignorance during their time of grief!!

The store claims to not get their dogs from puppy mills and convinced my friends that they needed this dog. They were so happy to bring their dog Moxie home to Los Angeles. The dog went from the pet store, to the air plane, to their home, having no contact with other dogs.

Instantly upon arrival the dog started showing signs of sickness. My friends fed the dog healthy food and took care of him. He started throwing up and had severe diarrhea. They brought Moxie to the vet and they immediately put him on IVs to hydrate him and do tests.

They emailed Le Petit. The pet store told them they were concerned but do not do tests, just have the vet give him fluids. I find that odd they would tell her to refuse tests to find out what is wrong with him and just give him fluids, as if they already knew what was wrong with him.

Update: Moxie is still at the vet office and it's been over a week. $6000 of vet bills so far, and the store owner is refusing to pay. The dog is still sick, but finally progressing. Candy did research to find out that others who bought from this store were also sold sick dogs. They also were able to link this store to PUPPY MILLS!

If you live in New York City, please do not buy from this store and please share this information with your friends and family!

Even if you do not live there, please share it anyway and hopefully the word will get out, and this company will eventually be shut down. There have been lawsuits filed against this pet store, and they were forced to settle.

Please pray for Moxie who is still sick. My friends started to give him Tahitian Noni juice a few times a day and he is finally starting to get his white blood cell count up!

Thank you,

The night they brought him home and discovered he was sick.

Moxie at the vet!


  1. Thanks Di!!!! I invite anyone to google this pet store & read the reviews as well!! As one reviewer intelligently pointed out, the few suspect POSITIVE reviews came from ONE-TIME reviewers (not active members of yelp, for example) who mysteriously had glaring things to say about the pet store & had information only the pet store would have, etc.) Well, I know for a fact they lied to us & purprosely held back information/gave us misinformation. They also failed to include information on the NY state puppy lemon laws, which are required by law, to be posted in the store and delivered upon sale. I have tonsss of emails from the store manager Dana discouraging us from a) taking him to the vet in the 1st place b) keeping him at the vet overnight c) having extensive tests run to see what's wrong w/him as you mentioned & d) most importantly, posing as if she had NO IDEA what was wrong with him & this was so "highly unusual" she didn't know what to believe! Oh contrare, one google search & you will see they definitely are in the business of selling sick pets AND have even been sued/settled outside of court regarding another sick pup - yet she acted totally clueless about the illness, EVEN defying what 4 different licensed vets have concluded about the dog & saying that SHE & the BREEDER both agree, it's "not distemper" (or even parvo!) Crazy! We're fighting for our Moxie, & we're fighting for justice. Keep you posted & thanks much!! :) Candy P.s. hopefully if the moral hasn't been brought home already, everyone can learn from our mistake & NEVER BUY FROM A PET STORE!! There's a VERY high chance your pet will have come from a PUPPY MILL, & believe me, that's an industry you do NOT want to support!!

  2. Sadly, this isn't the only retailer guilty of such behavior. As a dog trainer, I see many dogs each year that come from many sources. Every dog I've met that was purchased in a pet store came with the same horror stories.

    The animals are treated like inventory, not pets when they're in pet stores. Who do you suppose goes into the store on the closed days to clean up after the puppies? Who is there between closing and morning, which is usually longer than 12 hours, to clean puppy pens? The pups are left to their own devices, in their own filth, on a regular basis. Besides the bacteria spreading rampantly, puppies sitting in their filth will be very difficult to potty-train and crate train. And what, prey-tell, is the number one reason why dogs end up in shelters but potty-training!

    Rescues and shelters are the best place to get pets.
    You can't beat the adoption price when you know you're getting a healthy animal that's already altered, vaccinated, and chipped!